Listings on UK Belles are free to all independent North West escorts (if you’re an escort agency, see this page).

To get listed, you need:

  • a website on hosting that’s paid for, i.e. not free hosting (if you want a website or website hosting, take a look here)
  • a link to UK Belles among the first three on the index page of your site (see below for the banner link code)

It’s as simple as that and most people, including some of the best-known escorts in the UK, think it’s a reasonable trade. Over time, you’ll get some decent traffic from UK Belles and all that we ask for in return is the chance to get some back. If you don’t like that idea, that’s fine – but please don’t ask for a page on this site.

The arrangement works if everyone plays fair.

So how do you get a listing on UK Belles?

Step one is to add our banner link to the index page of your website the HTML code should look like this. Copy and paste it into your site

<a href="" style="font-size:10px;"><img src="" alt="North West Escorts"/><br>North West Escorts </a>

The end result should look like this:

North West Escorts
North West Escorts

Step two is to find your best photographs (at least pixels 1200 pixels high). They can be portrait or landscape size style. I will use one photograph as your ‘ Main Phote’ and rest in the gallery. Please no more than 10 photographs.

Good photos are your best advertisement. They also make our site look nice. With your permission, these can be taken from your website, but it’s probably worth your effort to send us the ones you like best.

Step three is to send an e-mail  ( with the photos attached to let us know that you’ve added our banner link code to your site and would now like a page on UK Belles.

We’ll process your request as quickly as possible. Bear in mind though that this isn’t a full-time job and that, from time to time, other things like earning a crust, going to a music festival take over from UK Belles.

Likewise, if you have a page on UK Belles and it needs updating, we’ll do it asap. Don’t, however, expect a rapid response if our banner link isn’t displayed among the first three on your site’s index page. If you remove the link to UK Belles from your site, your page will be removed from UK Belles – period.

Why some people don’t get listed

Every week we receive dozens of requests from escorts who’d like a page on UK Belles. Some are rejected because we don’t list escorts:

  • aged (or claiming to be aged) under 21
  • who don’t have a website
  • whose sites are on free web hosts
  • whose sites are really adult membership sites
  • whose webmasters have shafted us in the past
  • who aren’t displaying a UK Belles banner link on their site

There are no exceptions to the above.

And finally

Whether you’re an old hand or a newbie, take a look at the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) scheme. It’s especially for you, as is Support and Advice for Escorts